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About Us

Alexius Biosciences is an emerging international life science company which caters to scientific community in the field of diagnostics, medical genetics and genomics research. We are committed to provide world class products to ease the research protocols. Our product portfolio including molecular biology related kits, high purity reagents, instruments, and services support advancements in the life sciences, including frontline diagnostics and clinical applications. We are committed to deliver highest quality products to the researchers, scientists and diagnostics industries to accomplish their important experiments and assays without any hassles. All the products included in our portfolio are designed and developed by a group of experienced and talented scientists. We are present across India through our sales and distribution network.

Our Mission

Developing best in class product range by implementing Innovative ideas into new product development. We want to utilize our expertise for targeting the need of scientific community and providing ultimate solutions. We are committed to making research efficient, simpler and faster.

Our Vision

We want to develop as best in class product range helping scientists in the fields of Molecular biology, Genomics and Clinical genetics through range of innovative products, kits and reagents. We want to ensure our presence in all the institutes, universities, organizations and labs working our targeted scientific areas.